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transport on roadl

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As an road haulage company, ETL has all necessary ressources, experts and stratetic alliances, to provide a full load service and delivery of all types of goods to their final destination, regardless of their condition or specific transport requirements.

We offer a service, with the same garantees and strictness offered within and out of spain, to ensure that all our shipments arrive in perfect condition at their destination. Because our customers don´t know any borders and neither do we.

Freight haulage on road
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Continuously available traceability
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Service for the international freight haulage on road: export, import and cross-trade from anywhere in the world, both dry and reef or special equipment.


The national freight haulage on road with more than 50.000 m2 logistics and warehouse area in Almería, Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona cause that we can offer the best conditions for transactions and costs of goods, which are dry, refrigerated or frozen.

Refrigerated transport

We have our own warehouses at strategic points in the national and international area, with a storage capacity for up to 7 different temperatures and a network of agents that guarantees the best customer service.

Comlete loads
or collectibles

We have our own warehouse for warehousing and preperation of orders, which make it possible for us to fasten the shipping of goods. We offer a comprehensive handling of goods in the whole national area.

Although we are a young, 5 year old company, we are supported by our partners and employee with no less than 40 years of experience in this industry.

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We will be happy to inform you about all our services and rates, as well as advise you on any question you may ask us. Our team of experienced professionals specialized in the transport of goods by road will offer you the best service.

logistic chain

From the moment, a product leaves its place of orgin, until it reaches its final destination, we apply necessary structures and tools, to garantee the success of the logistic chain


Transport on road, sea transport, export, import and cross-trade in all their forms, warehousing, order preparation, national and international capillary distribution.


Every product is unique and has sepecific needs. At ETL we search for the best logistic solustions, to offer an efficient and high quality service.

¿What does our company offer you for freight haulages on road?

  1. Security: Your freight is constantly monitored and will arrive at its final destination on time.
  2. Carefree:. Your freight is always in a perfect condition and insured for any unforeseen incident.
  3. Trust: You have a partner of highest professionalism for freight haulages on road.
  4. Traceability: Thanks to the GPS tracking system, you know anytime, where the freight is located.
  5. Versatility: We have a complete truck fleet, which is prepared for transports of all kinds of materials and products.
  6. Capacity:ETL has a complete range for transports on road, by see and air, to provide global solutions.

Freight enquiry

At ETL we work and serve all our clients in the same way. From the most important multinationals in very diverse sectors, to SMEs that need our services or that start their import and export projects. The motto of our transport company is “That you feel well cared for matters to us” we apply it to all customer profiles.