Other services

Service for
logistics and comprehensive transports


Throughout Europe, our trucks are strictly controlled by the GPS system. We offer our customers the opportunity to track their goods anytime, from the start of their journey until they reach their final destination.



We have numerous agreements that facilitate the fueling of vehicles across Europe. We have our own supply unit with high-quality fuel and the possibility of accessing the replacement of professional diesel thanks to our card. We also have the highest quality of AD Blue.

Electronic toll services

At ETL we have electronic toll services for whole Europe with numerous advantages for the freight forwarder:

  • Access to important discounts
  • Financing
  • Cost and time savings
  • Is accepted on most European motorways

Freight enquiry

At ETL we work and serve all our clients in the same way. From the most important multinationals in very diverse sectors, to SMEs that need our services or that start their import and export projects. The motto of our transport company is “That you feel well cared for matters to us” We apply it to all customer profiles.