Logistic of ETL

Logistics and warehousing

The most important things in the best hands

As a logistics and warehousing company, ETL has developed a complete structure of logistics centers throughout the Spanish Mediterranean region, complemented by a network of companies and strategic alliances that enable us to offer a rigorous and efficient service worldwide.

This network enables us to develop logistics and storage strategies for goods of all kinds, regardless of their conditions or their specific transport and preservation needs. In addition, all the centers of our logistics company have the necessary security, control and traceability systems, so the goods keep their quality indicators intact.



We are a logistics company with the necessary capacity to face with all the guarantees the last step of the product distribution process from our warehouses to supermarkets, neighborhood stores or the end customer.

Consolidation and
merchandise distribution

Benefit from reduced costs and delivery times with the ETL consolidation service, which allows you to group different loads from different companies in a single shipment.

Vacuum and
farm collection

We face the first step of the food value chain with the greatest guarantees, with the capacity to collect, transport and store any agri-food product while preserving all its properties.


We maintain a strict control of the merchandise, from origin to destination, by means of a GPS system throughout the entire transportation process.

Solutions and
integral logistics

At ETL we analyze the specific storage, conservation, transport and distribution needs of each merchandise, to design an exclusive strategy, adapted to the needs and particularities of each client and each delivery, to provide all the value that a logistics company can offer.

Beyond our commitment as a logistics and warehousing company , our strategic location along the Mediterranean Arc guarantees an efficient service and connected with the main transport routes of the European continent, something that, together with the air and maritime capacity of ETL , allows us to offer the highest standards of service and quality.

Your logistics and storage needs in the best hands

Closed circuit

All our logistics centers have a closed television circuit that allows us to protect, control and secure your goods.

Radio frequency

We have a radio frequency system that records all movements of goods in the warehouse, optimizing work processes and eliminating any margin of error.


We maintain a rigorous and permanent control of the temperature in the different headquarters of our logistics and storage company so that your merchandise is kept in a perfect state of conservation.

What do we offer you as a logistics and storage company??

  1. Security. Our logistics centers are equipped with a complete security system. In addition, it has cargo insurance against any unforeseen event.
  2. Tranquility. Your merchandise will always be in perfect condition, whatever its specific and special storage needs.
  3. Confidence. You will have a partner who enjoys the highest professionalism and leadership among logistics and warehousing companies.
  4. Traceability. You will know at all times where your merchandise is on the route thanks to a GPS location system.
  5. Versatility. ETL completes its logistics and warehousing offer with a leading service in land, sea and air transport to offer you global solutions.
  6. Capacity. We offer you more than 50,000 m 2 in our logistics centers, as well as a complete network of strategic alliances around the world.

Freight enquiry

At ETL we work and serve all our clients in the same way. From the most important multinationals in very diverse sectors, to SMEs that need our services or that start their import and export projects. The motto of our transport company is “That you feel well cared for matters to us” We apply it to all customer profiles.