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Logistic and warehousing

The most important things in best hands

As a logistics and warehousing company, ETL has developed a dense network of logistic hubs throughout the Spanish Mediterranean region, complemented by further strategic alliances that enable us to offer an efficient and rigorous service worldwide.

This network enables us to offer a complete range of logistic solutions additional to transport, such as storage, cross-docking, warehousing, packaging, labelling… All of our logistic centers work to the highest quality standards and are certified IFS Logistics. We can also provide observance of QS Gemüse Obst Kartoffeln standards if required. Bio certification for transport and warehousing will soon follow.



ETL has the necessary capacities to handle last-mile transport to logistic platforms, supermarkets, local stores or end customers.

Consolidation and

Benefit from reduced costs and delivery times with ETL´s consolidation service. It allows you to group different loads from different points of loading in a single shipment.

Collection at agricultural farms
and on the field

ETL works hand-in-hand with Spanish agricultural farmers and cooperatives to ensure observance of the food value chain, thus preserving all the product´s properties, adequate temperature and handling.


ETL maintains a strict control of the location and condition of the entrusted food items, by means of real-time GPS tracking systems and thermography.

logistic solutions

ETL analyses the specific storage, temperature, transport and distribution needs for each entrusted food item, in order to design an exclusive strategy for your particular freight and goods.

ETL holds a strong strategical positioning in the Spanish Mediterranean basin, a key production area for fruits and vegetables. We can efficiently collet and forward food items through the main European transport routes (road, sea and air transport).

Your logistic and storage needs in the best hands

Closed circuit

All our logistics centers have a closed television circuit that allows us to protect, control and secure your goods.

Radio frequency

We have a radio frequency system that records all movements of goods in the warehouse, optimizing work processes and eliminating any margin of error.


ETL maintains a rigorous and permanent temperature control in the different storage areas of our logistic hubs and trucks, so that the entrusted food items are kept in a perfect state of conservation.

What does ETL offer in terms of logistics and warehousing?

  1. Security: Our logistic facilities have CCTV and complete security systems.
  2. Peace of mind: Your freight is handled with the utmost care and insured against any unforeseen incident.
  3. Trust: A partner with the highest degree of professionalism on your side.
  4. Traceability: Thanks to our GPS real-time tracking systems, we can locate your freight 24/7. Your freight is constantly monitored from pick-up to delivery to its final destination.
  5. Versatility: Our modern and diverse truck fleet can handle all kind of food transport and temperatures. Global transport solutions from ETL. One-stop-shop transport provider (road, sea, air freight).
  6. Capacity: Over 50.000m2 combined warehousing facilities. Strategic alliances Europewide.

Freight enquiries

Please feel free to send us your enquiry. We can deal with high-volume multinational requests, as well as with one-off projects. We can also help you set up a new import / export process in your company.