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  • Valencia region (Transportes Internacionales Rovira, Trans-Manolet)

  • Almansa (Transportes Penadés)

  • Murcia (Grupo Caliche)

  • Almería (Transportes El Junza)

  • Granada (Juan Francisco Aranda S.L.)

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To organise the best refrigerated transport platform for fruits and vegetables between Spain and Germany. To continually raise the bar for ETL´s customers´ and logistic partners´ experience. Make fruits and vegetables available to the German consumer in optimal conditions of sustainability, presence, packaging, flavour, price, punctuality, variety, and quality. At the same time, to maximise the economic success of producers in Spain and marketers in Germany.


Improve the logistics sector, becoming a benchmark brand. Dedicating our efforts to creativity and innovation, to value and respect for our people.

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We provide flexible transport and logistics solutions, adapted to each one of our clients