Quality prevails at the start of the greenhouse watermelon season in Southern Spain.

The good fruit yields of the extra-early greenhouse watermelon, together with exceptional quality, marks the start of the season next week.

The extra-early production has increased, doubling the surface area compared to the previous season. In the agricultural region of Almería, the main greenhouse watermelon producing area, the first cuts are expected to be carried out after Easter.

Extending the production cycle

Growers of this spring fruit in Southern Spain are increasingly opting to extend the production cycle. In this case, bringing forward the plantings means that the cost of production is decreasing, benefiting from the more humid winter weather, as well as being able to start the sales period earlier, with the first watermelon produced in the EU, in a market with fewer competitors. On the other hand, the reduction of more than 10% in the area cultivated with watermelon for medium cycles in other South Spanish areas has also been confirmed, where other types of plantations such as melon or short cycles of vegetables have been the preferred choices for farmers.

The main competitor in these first stages is Senegal, a region that is not obtaining the desired yields this season, which means that Spanish watermelon can obtain better prices in European markets. According to local data, the first quality tests of watermelons in greenhouses are giving very good results in terms of flavour, sweetness, size and colour, these being the best weapons to compete with other growing areas.

It is also foreseen that the open air area in Southern Spain is recovering its watermelon surface area, which was reduced last year because of the lack of water. At the moment, plantings are being started so that these crops can take over from the watermelons grown in greenhouses.




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