ABRICOTS 2024: Production up in Spain and down in France

ABRICOTS 2024: Production up in Spain and down in France

In 2024, European apricot production is estimated at 524,000 tonnes, similar to that of 2023 (up 2% on the 2018-2022 average), but with major differences between countries: volumes in Italy are stable, Greece is showing a very slight decline, while Spain is back to high levels. In France is a sharp decline forecasted. Harvests are more than uncertain due to frost and drought.

Spain: production returns to high levels.

After a very poor year in 2023 (due to frost and drought), Spanish production this year is estimated at 135,000 tonnes (i.e. +46% compared to 2023 and +29% compared to the 2018-2022 average), returning to its production potential, mainly in the provinces of Murcia, Aragon and Catalonia.

France: a year of decline.

After a 25% increase in volumes in 2023, this year is set for a downturn, as a result of the alternation phenomenon.

Greece: slightly down production forecasted. 

Italy: stable production forecasted. 


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